Farewell to Steve Jobs

Woke up to the news
which left me speechless
Ran to run my MBA (*1)
but the view became blurry
“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition
They somehow already know
what you truly want to become”
Guided me the words
in my life-changing decisions
Steve, I wish we all had a bad dream
Come back and say
“One more thing…”
with your usual smile

“Mummy!” came my little boy
as any other ordinary morning
He doesn’t yet know
that the world has lost the man
who created his “baa-baa” (*2)
and his magical shiny box (*3)
“Death clears out the old
to make way for the new”
I am terribly missing
the (yet young) old
while hugging the new
Still half way in my journey
living by your words
your words are living inside me
and always will
Thank you, Steve
Please do rest in peace
*1 … MacBook Air, obviously…
*2 … my one-year old’s favourite iPhone apps by Duck Duck Moose
*3 … he loves my MBA as a picture/video player of animals and cartoon characters
Rest in peace, Steve…

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